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Meet the Founder

Driven by First-Hand Experience and a Passion for Change

Aurianna Angelique is a social activist, community leader, youth advocate, fitness coach, and creative producer.

Introduced to musical arts at the age of 7, performing and creative arts changed the trajectory of her life.


  • 20+ years performing arts experience
  • 10+ years global travel as paid performer
  • 20+ years caring for young children

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We offer robust programming specific to those we serve. Volunteers and supporters committed to community development and measurable impact are welcome and encouraged to reach out!

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Why Choose Us

A Team of Passionate and Committed Individuals

ROC creates space of safety and support. Our village consists of experienced, dedicated individuals.

Programming that Produces Measurable Results

Our programs set measurable objectives with built-in checkpoints to guarantee progress and impact.

Where Fun, Education, Mentorship, and Life Readiness Meet

To position our youth for success, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach that spans all facets of life.

Serving and Leading with Love, Awareness and Care

We work in step with community members, allowing them to guide and indicate opportunities for impact.